Friday, June 29, 2012

We Divided by Zero and Broke the Interwebs

So, last night in Kamela, I got to experience my first bit of what CCP calls 'Time Dilation.'  So, TiDi came about as an answer to lag.  See, when a lot of people show up to kill each other, it's a huge load on the server.  This causes lag, and everyone gets to sit and wonder if they are already dead or not.  In TiDi, everything moves really really slow, and you get to wonder if you're about to be dead or not.  So, see, CCP's answer to lag was to give you lag with a cool name.  (lol).  Before I get angry mails telling me I'm a total nub and how TiDi is totally different from lag, allow me to reiterate the purpose of this blog: I am here to mock, parody, and generally troll.  So, please, treat this site like the Colbert Report, but with less journalistic integrity.

Anyways, the fight was quite enjoyable.  Thanks to all the people who called me primary first thing.  I was flattered and Almity was grateful (you guys primary that guy constantly).  Now, of course, it is important to point out that the Minmatar were gracious enough to let us kill three of their protei, two muninns, a guardian, and some other stuff.  Yeah, they let us.  Just like they let us take three systems.  See, they didn't want those protei, or hacs or whatever.  So, thanks Minmatar for the gift!  I always appreciate it.  For those who like to see battle reports: Kamela

Anywho, was a fun night.  I hope the minnies continue to be so generous.  Maybe they'll be nice enough to derp a few archons or something?  An officer fit Tengu would be fantastic....

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