Wednesday, June 20, 2012

My Saber...Poor Saber

So, tonight, I finally got my brand new shiny Saber blooded.  I logged on to find that we had a fleet up and running and they began to fight.  So, I undocked and began to make my way toward where I figured the fleet was.  Yeah, that's right.  I hadn't even heard the location.  I just heard "Kam Gate."  So, I figured Kourmonen.  I was totally right!  Yeah.  So, I hear all these primaries getting called and shit, and I'm like, "Damn.  I ain't gonna make it."  Totally made it.  And I made it in time to get in on killing Bahamut420's armageddon (nice).  Then I managed to lock down Baha's pod and kill it (also fun, but not very blingy).  The minnies came back from this in a lol-fleet of BS's.  So, we chilled for a few and went down to Labapi to play on some d-plexes. 

This is when I learned something crazy.  I tried to enter an Amarr Outpost (a medium plex).  I was denied entry.  Yeah.  Apparently, my DIC is too big (I always suspected).  Ships that can get into Amarr Outpost include: Omen, Omen Navy Issue, SFI, Thorax, Vigilant, Ashimmu.   Ships that can't: Ragnarok, Archon, Revelation, Revenant, oh, and Saber.  Because, again, my DIC is huge.  Enormous, apparently.  You might even call it gargantuan.  My DIC is GIGANTIC!

Okay, but seriously, this is just nuts.  I can take a Cynabal in there but not a Saber???  CCP: WTF?

Oh, and Saber died to super Gila of doom flown by Galdornae.  That shit was tanked like a baws.  I only mention this because Galdoranae, much like my Saber, is a HUGE DIC.  lol.  I'm just joking, buddy.

Anywho, sign this post (comment, bitches), sorta like a petition, so that CCP can loosen up those mediums so us guys with HUGE DICs can get in.  Yeah, lay off the internet spaceship kegels, CCP.



  1. Thanks for supporting a noble cause.

  2. The plex sizes are all out of whack across the board. Electronic attack frigs and interceptors can't get into minors, but daredevils, dramiels, and thrashers can.

  3. Totally. It's screwy as hell. Although, that does totally take away from what I'm really talking about here, which is my DIC.

    Nah, your points are totally right on.

  4. you obviously haven't thought this through enough.

    save your comments for when you've pvped more, gained more experience and can actually confidently give advice on it. Then you'll understand why some of the limits are laid the way it is.

    A rifter can beat a thrasher flown right.

    But you have a point, pirate faction frigs are a bit too OP for minors....but CCP might want it that way because its more risk (isk wise, and higher chances of a fleet forming to take you down) for better reward (if you have higher chances of beating a thrasher instead of the other way round)

    1. "you obviously haven't thought this through enough."

      I don't know about Ryven, but I think about this allot. Probably more than is healthy.

      "A rifter can beat a thrasher flown right."

      Thats not easy to do. You don't say who you are so, its left to my imagination.

      But anyway you might be able to beat a thrasher, but can you beat my phobos? Thats what I would like to see.


  5. Size doesn't matter, I can't even get in with my a teeny tiny dic.

    Someday I want to get a phobos - like a thorax but with pink tips. It is a heavy dic.

    They are great for station humping. If the gates block the entry of my phobos, I will just hump that too! As vessels try to get past I would just tackle them and pop them upwards, backwards, and sideways with my phobos. I could do that for hours if I had a phobos. Others may not like it, but I would have fun.

    Just me and my phobos. I think I would even name it "kisser."

    As far as your proposal, I think we have too many dics on the dance floor as it is in eve. I say keep your dic docked.

    BTW I was told t3 cruisers get in though. (not 100% sure) Thats also wrong.


    1. This is one of the best Cearain comments ever. :)

      Dick jokes aside, this was an issue I brought up and discussed at the recent CSM summit. I said we need to seriously examine the tiers of plex that are available, and re-evaluate which plex allows which kind of ship. We didn't get into details too much (there was a lot of ground to cover) but this is something I'm really pushing for as part of a plex overhaul.

      As I've said elsewhere, if they're going in and gutting the plex content in favor of something better and less orbit-the-button-in-tech1-bullshit-while-you-fap-away-and-earn-lp, they might as well overhaul the other elements as well, including the system of plex sizes, names, and entry requirements. CCP hasn’t completed its official Winter planning yet, they’re about to go on break, but once we get underway I’m going to do everything I can to make sure this is examined along with the plex content itself. It’s a shame too that there’s no real venue for frigate combat (or battleship battles, for that matter). I’d love to see a “rookie plex” that just has tech 1 frigates and navy frigates, no tech 2, dessies, or pirate ships. Oh, and noobships of course. (but only if you can’t speedtank with them!)

      But yes, all the dicks need to be able to slip inside as well! Great post Ryven, I’ve got your back on this one.

    2. Rookie plex idea is a good one. I would even like it if it only allowed vanilla t1 frigates. The only problem with allowing navy factions ships is hookbills are basically already king of minor plexes as it is.

      Slicers are also pretty effective in the current minors. So I don't think its the case that navy frigates don't already have a role in the current set up.

      Now that they buffed the merlin and incursus though they basically unbalanced what had long been a well balanced part of the game - vanilla t1 frigates. Unless they are going to boost the other frigates then a plain vanilla t1 rookie plex will just be incursus's (incursi) online.

      Its hard to say what the plexes should be when they keep changing the ships.


  6. Wow. Lotsa stuff.

    1) I hope that "pvp more" comment above wasn't directed at me. That's just funny.

    2) My only serious point was that it is ridiculous that the only plex I can take a Saber into is a fucking major. That's retarded. All that chest beating about rifter vs thrasher is, well, similarly retarded and also irrelevant.

    3) Hans - thanks. My dic is in need of some action.

    4) Your serious comments are awesome. I will heartily admit that this was mostly just meant to be a big dick joke, but the underlying mechanic is a bit busted.

    5). Thanks again to all of you for visiting my blog. I intend to keep posting my bizarre brand of eve comedy. Keep checking in.