Friday, June 22, 2012

Crazy Day

So, today has been a bit on the insane side.  First, there was the craziness with Almity's blog post about Hans Jagerblitzen which incited the overwhelming internet wraths of apparently everyone (actually, I guess like 5 people? I'm not sure.  It's been unclear).  Part of this is my fault.  I jokingly mentioned on vent last night that we should start calling it "Being a Hans" when someone is being a douche.  Oops.  I thought it was kind of funny.  After all the e-drama that stirred up, I think it's fuckin hilarious.  However, it's also been brought to my attention that it was the allegations of meta-gaming and vile disgusting cheating that got peeps so heated.  So, I guess it wasn't really my fault.  However, as I've stated, I'm a narcissist and I desperately need it to be about me.  So.  Yeah.  All my fault.  Anyway, you can read all that good stuff at the following links:

The one that started it (like the Lusitania):

The one that got all mad and stuff (without any bias or generalizations at all!!):

The Shalee Peacemaker Response (It's Geneva!):

The Almity Apology (Treaty of Versailles?  Weimar Republic?):

The Susan Black Acknowledgement of the Apology for No Apparent Reason (Japan involved in WW1 surrender talks??):

Wow.  Lotta stuff.  And it's all so damn serious and important and stuff.  BIG GRIN.

I'm actually not entirely without shame.  I mean, let's face it.  We're internet spaceship enemies, but in all truth, I don't have much against anybody in this game (except the ones who are complete douches to me for no real reason, and even then, I generally get over it pretty quickly).  So, for the life of me, I couldn't figure out why everyone got all heated over this.

Okay, so, now onto the not so important news:  GOONS!! (  Doing bad things!!!!  Cue the evil maniacal laughter and creepy music played on an old organ.

So, in a completely unexpected move totally outside of the Goons' normal operating method (yes, this was totally not anything like what they ALWAYS do), they apparently gamed the shit out of FW to make a billion gajillion trillion zillion and a half ISK, and totally kept the Minmatar at high warzone control levels for like, well, the entire time warzone control levels have existed!  Wow!  That's totally not like those decent mild-mannered null-sec gentlemen at all.  I mean, they never go out and purposefully try to mess up a chunk of the Eve populace's day whilst simultaneously netting a ridiculously sinful amount of ISK.  Not THEM!  (lol.  I can't even keep a straight face while I'm writing this).

Okay, but now for a moment of seriousness....  BWAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

No, but it is terrible.  I mean, it kinda is.  At the same time though, I can't really get all that upset about it.  I mean, it's a horrible abuse of the mechanics, but, it's not like Goons wrote the damn code.  I'm not sure half of them can even read to be honest.  So, yeah, I'm not terribly surprised.

Now for actual serious: It's my 5 year anniversary of being married this weekend.  Yay!

Also, I'm giving thought to possibly running for CSM next year.  Gimme feedback.  Good idea?  Bad idea?  Worst idea since like, um, that guy who attached a jet engine to his truck and crashed it into the side of a cliff?

Also, just so you know:


  1. As for running for csm I would need to know what you want to happen in the game before I could say whether I support you.

    Hans has been the best of the current crop of csm members as far as understanding what I think most faction war and low sec players want.

    2 step is nice but his wormhole pvp is so far removed from what we do its hard to connect. Same with the other csm members.


  2. I don't know really what my platform will be. Honestly, a lot of stuff is likely to change between here and then. I do, however feel that my own personal wishes for Eve are secondary. As a CSM, the point is to generally be a representative for a playerbase. As such, the interests of that playerbase are more important than any views I personally hold.

    1. Sort of a chicken and egg problem. But on the whole I am not interested in voting for someone who can't communicate a vision for eve.

      As a player I want to vote for someone who wants to promote the game play I like. E.g., I really don't care that someone else might want faction war to be about pve. I am going to vote for the person who wants it to be about pvp and I don't care if 90% of eve players disagree.

      I do not want to vote for someone who will just do whatever the latest public opinion polls say he should do. CSM elections are to some extent supposed to be that opinion poll. You get elected on your platform then you push for it.

      FW is a great example. I voted for hans because he gave a very strong campaign message that he did not want it to be like null sec. "Fight the bloc" or something like that right?

      Then ccp did the whole station lock out bit just like we have in sov null sec. Veteran faction war players complained but faction war started attracting people with null sec backgrounds like fweddit.

      Well this is sort of decision time for Hans. Is he going to continue to push for the things he campaigned on? Or is he going to just pander to the new comers? Sure the newcomers don't mind station lockouts. They like it because it makes faction war more like null sec - and they like the null sec game.

      The people who did faction war and voted for him are not the same people who are doing faction war now. He can either continue to fight for those who voted for him or just say whatever and try to please the newcomers.

      That is the difference between someone who runs for office because they have an idea of how they can help the game and someone who just runs as a politician. That is what I will be watching for in Hans.

      The Catholic Church did a survey of priests and according to the survey most priests thought that celebicy was not too strict of a requirement. Well should that be surprising? I mean you are only asking the people who wouldn't be there unless they agreed it wasn't too strict of a requirement.

      The same goes with eve. The more the developers make all of eve like null sec with the crazy time demands that brings, you will find that more and more of the players don't have problem with that. They wouldn't be playing it otherwise.