Sunday, September 16, 2012

Wifflin' With the Brickbat

So, last night, with no official fleet, a few of us rolled around Siseide blappin what we could. I lost a corm to pirates and a ruppy to lolfrigs, and decided to try something different: my punisher, fitted out in the style I now call the Asshat Brickbat. What followed was a killing spree.

Wolf couldn't kill it. Firetail couldn't escape. My Brickbat busted minnie ass like wiffle balls all over Siseide. I do want to say thanks to the minnies we killed, though. Good sports about it.

Oh, and I have rekindled my love for the Punisher.

Saturday, September 15, 2012

OMG Promo!

So, Blink has taken over Eve. I admit that I am a Somer Blink addict. My corp seems to have similarly caught this affliction, and now during our nightly roams it is common to hear that single word that derails comms for the next five minutes: Promo!

I can't complain though. Blink has funded my pvp, gotten me a carrier and a dread, as well as a few other choice items I would not have otherwise. So, in the absence of good solid pvp, Blink has taken over Eve.

Saturday, September 1, 2012


So, I've been a bit quiet lately. This is partly because school started back up and I have far less free time. This is also because very little of note has happened.

We still go out in fleets, but the choices seem to be roam around and sigh in frustration at the uncatchable shit, or suicide into the massive LNA fleet du jour. Sadly, we start off with the former and end the night with the latter and groan at the Minmatar's proclamations of superiority.

I have been reading other blogs and getting a feel for what is coming, but, at this point, I don't see any of it honestly mattering. Honest, good, amazing fights are what I want. What I get is far short of that mark.

Can I realky blame LNA for having more numbers? Can I blame them for using them? Can I blame them for not feeling like they should gimp themselves? No. No, I blame Inferno for making this an ISK printing machine. I blame the "crush them" attitude it engendered.

Anyway, I'll keep hoping for a better FW, but, the current iteration, and possibly the next, give little hope for a return to pvp being the real focus of fw.