Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Really Down or Out

A lot has been said regarding morale. A lot has been said regarding the Amarr. Claims have been made that we are a beaten force. That we are a ragtag bunch of demoralized players obstinately clinging to the memory of a playstyle desecrated and systematically and brutally sodomized to death by a ghastly bag of winner take all game mechanics. I take exception to these claims.

It is true that we are outnumbered. In terms of active players logged in at US primetime, it is common to see double digit numbers in Militia chat, compared to average 200+ in Minmatar. It is true that we fundamentally haven't made a strong territorial push in some time. It is true that mechanics have been skewed out of our favor. We have taken some haymaker punches.

I don't feel that we are even remotely beaten. We recently gained Agony. Fweddit and others who left for Caldari are back in our warzone. Our pilots log on night after night, eager to fight. For a while now, there was a sense of alienation from system sov. I feel like this must be temporary. The Amarr are more unified, cohesive, and brimming with potential than they have been in ages.

So, don't count us out. And, in the off chance that some non-fw pilot reads this, come join Amarr. You will unlikely fly with a cooler bunch of people. Forget easy mode. Come here and prove your mettle. Here, we play on Hardcore.

Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Happy Birthday to I.LAW

So, Almity reminded me of this tonight.  It has been one year now since the bunch of us left KotMC and formed the awesome group that is Imperial Outlaws.  Looking back on this past year, it's shocking how it both went by ridiculously fast, and also how it's very difficult for me to really remember EVE before these guys. 

When I.LAW formed up, I was surprised to get invited to be a director by Shalee and Eran.  I was not a big deal or anything, and in KotMC, I never really was sure if I fit in or not.  I certainly liked most of the people, but wasn't really sure how I was recieved or whatever.  So, naturally, I was really surprised to find I was not only welcome in I.LAW, but that I was being called to do more than just be there.

So, I had to think it over, but I made a critical decision that has shaped what I've become in this game.  I've had a wonderful opportunity to help shape a small community into what is, without a doubt, one of the most enjoyable group of people I could ever hope to get to know.  Somehow, we manage to attract cool people, and we cultivate an environment of fun and a pretty large helping of expertise. 

A lot has happened in the past year.  Being called all kinds of nasty things by both sides for our controversial move to Otosela, and then to Egghelende later on.  Being set KOS by CVA at some point because of our NBSI policies (which didn't cause the end of the world after all).  Having to deal with being locked out of almost every station in FW.  Having to deal with being outnumbered and then being called whiners.  Generally speaking, we've persevered quite nicely, and we've adapted.

There have been some rough times and some tempers have run high.  That nasty corp theft bullshit, for one example.  Almity gets a bit cranky from time to time, though we still love him.  Interestingly enough though, Shalee is the glue that holds it all together.  Almity is the fighter.  Shalee is the glue.  Me, I'm the comic relief and that chill dude in the corner saying, "Hey man.  It'll be alright."  So, if you haven't ever gotten to know us, you probably should.  Why?  Because we're awesome.

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Frigate Fun

I have been logging on for a lot shorter periods lately. School, work, marriage, and Borderlands 2 have kept me busy. So, I haven't been involved in any of the LNA bashes. Instead, I have been enjoying a lot of tiny frig solo or two man roams. Surprisingly, I haven't been shorted. It has been some of the best fun I have had in ages.

Merlins, Punishers, Incursi. Sure, I die more. But who gives a shit? I still rake in a steady supply of kills. And I don't have to deal with LNA. Good trade.