Friday, October 12, 2012

Not Really Down or Out

A lot has been said regarding morale. A lot has been said regarding the Amarr. Claims have been made that we are a beaten force. That we are a ragtag bunch of demoralized players obstinately clinging to the memory of a playstyle desecrated and systematically and brutally sodomized to death by a ghastly bag of winner take all game mechanics. I take exception to these claims.

It is true that we are outnumbered. In terms of active players logged in at US primetime, it is common to see double digit numbers in Militia chat, compared to average 200+ in Minmatar. It is true that we fundamentally haven't made a strong territorial push in some time. It is true that mechanics have been skewed out of our favor. We have taken some haymaker punches.

I don't feel that we are even remotely beaten. We recently gained Agony. Fweddit and others who left for Caldari are back in our warzone. Our pilots log on night after night, eager to fight. For a while now, there was a sense of alienation from system sov. I feel like this must be temporary. The Amarr are more unified, cohesive, and brimming with potential than they have been in ages.

So, don't count us out. And, in the off chance that some non-fw pilot reads this, come join Amarr. You will unlikely fly with a cooler bunch of people. Forget easy mode. Come here and prove your mettle. Here, we play on Hardcore.

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