Tuesday, November 20, 2012


So, these past few weeks have seen a dramatic increase in the number of Amarr in fleets. We have also had a number of impressive victories (cruiser fleet annihilating a smaller bc fleet taking 0 losses. Yes, we outnumbered you, but still, 0 losses?). This is likely to continue. I.LAW is actively recruiting and at a pace that I am constantly amazed by. It seems every time I log on I am asked to weigh in on approving an applicant. This pleases me. I.LAW has grown from a small group of ~10 to nearly 100 members. We are about to break into battleclinic's top 500 corps. Considering our meager beginnings, this is an accomplishment. I attribute it to a culture of inclusivity, patience, and a vast wealth of experience and knowledge.

So, is this a self-aggrandizing post to massage my own ego?

Hmm...yeah, I guess so.

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  1. Rally round' the family,
    With a pocket full of shells