Monday, December 10, 2012


I feel like a cheater. I have, for over four years, been married happily to this wondrous game, Eve Online. Ok, so we took a trial separation in 2010, but, otherwise, our marriage has been strong. Then fall 2012 hit and I have been running around behind Eve's back. I have a mistress or two. And I am red with shame.

Real life and Guild Wars 2. These are the harlots that have stolen me away on many a night. Real life demands my time. RL is a greedy, clingy bitch of a mistress. I would leave her but she blackmails me with my future. Guild Wars 2 dazzles me by placing no demands on me at all. She tempts me with her laissez faire.

I confess this in hopes it can bring me some slight absolution, and perhaps Eve and I can repair our broken relationship.

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