Thursday, December 27, 2012

A Strange Christmas Gift

This is probably not news to most of my readership, which, I'm still not convinced is more than like Shalee and maybe five other people.  However, assuming that this site does have a few other interlopers, I'll go ahead and give my own thoughts on the rather bizarre series of events this past week.

I left town for a few days to go see family in my hometown three hours away.  On my way there, my mother in law was sent to the emergency room and then the ICU for critcally low blood sugar, difficulty breathing, infection, and a host of other complications.  My wife and I raced to deal with this issue.  After attending to those matters, we came to my parents' home where I checked my messages and discovered that my corp was essentially gone.  This was Christmas Eve.  My initial reaction was "Seriously?"  I quickly fired off my own recommendations for how to deal with the situation.

By Christmas afternoon, In Exile was born, I.Law was gone, and people were already beginning to move.  See, for us, it's not about the name.  It's not about the stats.  It's about the people.  And this is why the actions of Sab0tag3 and his little buddy Druiel Druphestos were pretty much an epic failure.  They don't understand that, because that's not how they are wired.  See, when Sab0 tried to pull this nonsense the first time almost a year ago, we kicked him.  We set him red, and that's pretty much how that ended for us.  For the most part, we just moved on and stopped giving a damn.  I can't really say I've given him much thought at all in the past year.  So, when this business went down this past week, I took it as a compliment.  Apparently, we've been quite at the forefront of his.

So, now we've got a new corp.  We're already at 96% efficiency with 7 capital kills.  When I finally get home, I'll be moving my toons over and will be going right back to business.  That's what we do.  So far, I am pleased to see the massive support of I.Law's members quickly joining up under our new banner.  Thanks for not taking this to heart.  I continue to be proud of all of our members.

So, I am writing this largely to say that we aren't going anywhere.  We aren't letting this get to us.  And, to Sab0tag3, allow me to say this:  Merry Christmas.  You have my deepest sympathy, and I hope you do well in your future endeavors, even if those endeavors continue to be mean-spirited attempts to ruin my Eve gameplay. 

To everyone else, have a wonderful holiday.  I look forward to being able to return to logging in sometime in the next few days. 


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