Monday, June 25, 2012

Ah, Patch Day

So, I haven't written in a few days.  This is because (startling revelation) I have a life outside of Eve.  Yes.  It's true.  I admit it.  See, strangely enough, five years ago, I managed to somehow get a girl to go stand in front of a bunch of people and promise to stay with me and shit.  That's right.  I convinced some chick to marry me.  And, somehow, via voodoo or mind control or amazing drugs, I have managed to keep her around for five years.  So, in celebration of this achievement, we went out for a dinner and stuff.  That explains Saturday.  Sunday, I worked myself like crazy and then got on late at night and was way too busy flying all over the place and RP-ing (b/c I do that, what of it?) to write anything. 

So, here's a recap of shit that has been going on the last 48 hours that I haven't gotten to writing about yet.

1) Plex bug: So, CCP apparently fixed it.  Don't know if it's true or not.  I've been patching for what seems like 2 decades now and am only at 78%.  I'll let you know when I find out.  What I am certain of is that we didn't capture a particular system last night because of this stupid bug.  I'm also certain that it's about fuckin time somebody got around to it.

2) Susan Black keeps writing.  I don't know why this is.  Apparently she has a readership.  This shouldn't surprise me.  National Enquirer has a readership.  Stephanie Meyer, for reasons I will never fathom, has one as well.  So, I guess I just have to accept that there must be something about her writing that people enjoy.  I only recently learned her blog is not meant to be funny.  I thought we both were writing humor columns.  Imagine my shock!

3) Twitter.  Twitter.  Twitter.  Lovin it.

4) This blog has been getting a lot of views.  However, after comparing with Almity, I've learned that apparently, if I want to get a lot of pageviews, I need to insult a community leader of some sort in a very blatant and possibly obscene way.  His Hans post and apology got a combined 800+ views.  My total views to this point is 338.  Go figure.

5) Based on the above: Die in a fire Galdornae. (Let's watch the page count swirl)

Apparently, the minnies are now shooting at each other?  This is just hilarious to me since for the past few months I've had to listen to all the minnies telling me how they are cooperating and unified and besties and blah blah blah blah BULLSHIT.  So, when I found out they had started wardeccing each other, I did the Carlton.

Then I found out that apparently there are issues between the Caldari and the Amarr.  So, I guess nobody can be friends in this game.

Anyways, that's all for now.  Keep tuned. 

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