Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Minmatar's 1337 Status

So, basically, this past week or two, light has been shed on how the Minnies have been doing so well in this war.

At first, Susan was happy to tell us it was their superior coordination and unity.  lol.  What a load of horseshit!  In perhaps the most unsurprising and completely unnewsworthy of news ever: The Minnies are shooting each other!  Wow!  What an amazing strategy.  The coordination and unity required to pull that  /golfclap

Further, with the removal of their Goonswarm pimps (yes, their pimps), the minmatar warzone control dropped to t2 for a few.  Damn, that must've sucked.  They've since poured enough LP into their systems since then that they regained T4, but only just barely.  That shit is hella expensive, ain't it?

Further, Susan will tell you that we currently are out there running in fleets of 80 and that somehow they suddenly are outnumbered and leeroying and such.  This is totally accurate.  She will then tell you we are the ones still whining.  While I'm sure a few are, I can assure you, those self-aggrandizing things she calls blog posts are actually full of whine.  You just have to know how to read it.

So, to recap, the minmatar have been winning because:

1) They are way more unified than us. So unified that they are in fact killing each other.

2) They had Goonswarm pimps setting them up with nice digs. 

3) They have moral superiority.  *cough cough*

Ta-da!  Well, it has to be at least one of those right? 


  1. i just wasted 30 seconds of my life visiting this blog

    1. You totally did! Mission Accomplished. Next time, leave your name.

  2. You're gettin lippy. Don't make me call my goon overlords!

    1. lol. I actually had Goon overlords once, too. Something we have in common. You arguably made more money off it than I did though.