Tuesday, June 19, 2012

The FW Antarctic

So, the FW zone is like the antarctic.  You have a lot of barren ass wasteland, and each type of critter has it's own purpose.

There are the penguins.  These are like the occasional neutrals rolling through in badger mkIIs and Iterons, and other squishy shit.  Often, much like penguins, which are fat oily disgusting birds, and essentially nature's bowling pins, these bastards are well dressed and shiny.  Other times, they're just like oily chickens.  Stupid carebear penguins.

Then there are the Sea Lions.  These are also fat oily bastards.  These are the minmatar.  They're fat nasty oily bastards with big nasty whiskers who like to eat penguins.  Yeah.  Oily penguins.

Then there's the polar bears...wait, no.  Those are in the arctic.  Damn.  Wait, come to think of it, the Minmatar savannah/serengeti analogy was full of similar issues too.  Horses?  Thoroughbred horses?  On the serengeti?  Really?  But, no, no polar bears.

Um, so, the Amarr...um.  We're like...um.  We're like angry whalers on PCP.  We shoot the sea lions, but sometimes we club the penguins.  And we hump polar bears.  Wait.  There aren't any polar bears.  Okay, we don't hump those.  We blow up the Killer Whales though.  Who are the killer whales?  I have no idea.  This analogy makes no sense.

The end.

This has been a parody brought to you by Haijikioten brand Cigarettes.  Now in exciting children's flavors!

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