Wednesday, July 4, 2012

A Long Slow Breath

So, I haven't written a post on here for a few days, and I guess it's about time I did (although some folks probably wish I would just stop already).  Here's basically what's been going on:

Amarr plexed Kourmonen pretty high and then, well, somewhere along the line the momentum got lost and the Minnies showed up and were able to stop that from happening.  After a week or so of plexing, I got pretty tired of it and have been doing other things since then. 

What have I been doing, you ask (you probably didn't ask, but, the joy of writing blogs is that I'm going to tell you anyway)?  Well, I've been out and about killing things, including a wonderful special gang the other night where we generally just magically bridged onto anything and everything we could find simply for the sake of doing so.  It was a lot of fun, honestly, so thanks to my wonderful Fweddit fwends for letting me tag along on that.  I promise, I'll bring a better ship next time :).  I love hopping through your space hole, so, hop through mine sometime.

I also have been wearing my pointy wizard hat a lot lately.   Yeah, that's right.  I'm the nerdiest of the nerds.  I RP.  And not just in a kinky way with the wife.  I do EVE RP.  So, yeah.  (Not even joking, I do have a bag of DnD dice that I never use).  Been RP-ing a LOT.  And, tbh, after the nonstop crap that's been going down in the warzone, I needed a little relaxing e-drama. 

I love that picture.  Although, it does give me flashbacks...

Anyways, keep killing each other, folks.  It's really what it's all about anyway, right?

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