Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Clean Out Yer Ears

So, there is apparently some confusion on the Minmatar side.  I figure I'll use this opportunity to try to make things less, well, confusing. 

Susan Black recently reported that Amarr were going to be ditching and fleeing over to the Caldari Warzone.  Well, she's half-right.  Which I suppose is an improvement over her usual accuracy.  Susan's Inaccurate Post

What's actually going to happen?  Well, my corporation, Imperial Outlaws, will be switching to Caldari Militia in an entirely financially motivated move.  We will not, however, be moving to the Caldari/Gallente warzone.  Why?  Well, because, that would be silly.  We'll stay down here and continue to do what we always do, except we'll be getting paid better.  So, again, since it's apparently still unclear, we'll be staying in the Amarr/Minmatar warzone. 

Susan, in her usual, fair, balanced, and non-chest-beating way, posted a wonderful summary of last weekend in which Minnies hit T5 and cashed in for LOL-ISK. (Lame-sauce Weekend) Of course, it left out the ROFLSTOMPING that they'd been getting in Late Nite TZ, which is really funny, since they're Late Nite Alliance and I hardly ever see them anymore during their eponymous time zone.  Should they consider changing their name to Late Dock Alliance?  Or perhaps, Let's Not Attack.  They could keep the same ticker then.  Lame Nerds Alliance?   Interestingly, the highlight of MY weekend: Bahamut's Archon  did not make it into her weekend summary at all!  *GASP*  So much for honest journalism.  I mean, my writing is totally biased and slanted, but, that's totally intentional and I don't think I ever stated otherwise. 

Actually, I'm mostly appalled that her description of the weekend mentioned nothing about fighting at all.  It was all about ISK and LP and how the Minmatar are totally better than Amarr because they are making more money.  I lol'd in my cheerios.  Then, of course, there's the mention of how Goons didn't help them make T5 this time.  Then I had to stop laughing.  You guys aren't serious, right?  You're fucking kidding me, right?  This is a joke, yes? 

Allow me to explain why this "the goons didn't do it" line is a load of horse shit.  Okay, so, the Goons dump loads of LP into the system.  The Amarr struggle to take these systems and drop to T1.  The Minnies sit on T3-T4 and think they're the ones making it happen.  Meanwhile, they cash in their LP occasionally for ISK.  The Goons back out of the minnies.  The Amarr make some gains and drop Minnies to T2-T3.  Now, here's the thing.  The Minnies ALREADY HAVE A MOUNTAIN OF LP at this point.   So, of course, by dumping LP into the system, LP you already had, and upgrading the majority of systems YOU ALREADY HAD, then yes, T4 was easily maintainable.  Combine this with the Amarr steadily running dry on ISK and losing their desire to even care anymore, and yes, the Minnies gained T5, while piggybacking on the massive inroads the goons had already gained them.  Sorry, Minnies, but you did this BECAUSE OF GOONS.  

Well, not entirely.  You also did it because most of us figure, why take a system and give you more LP to take it back?

Which brings me to my next point: Poetic's Suggestion.

Take a moment to read that.  It's interesting, and frankly, it makes my response much more understandable.  My response: Fuck that.  Oh, and clean out yer ears.

We don't want your self-imposed reset.  We'll take back the warzone when we're good and ready.  And clean out yer ears.  Why?  Because there's more mention of us fleeing to Caldari warzone.  I'll say it again: WE'RE STAYING, just with different LP store and uniforms.

Now, before the almost certain round of  "You mad, bro?" comments, I'll simply say: yes.  Totally.  I'm fuming.  I'm gonna blow up in a fit of rage and stab 47 koalas to death.  And then poo on the Liberty Bell.

Of course I'm not mad.  This is a game.  And I am totally a trolling bastard who likes to go off on rants.  However, I do feel part of what I do is to dispel bullshit.  And believe me, folks, there's no shortage of that around here. 


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    1. I predicted it! I predicted this was coming.

      Seriously, though, I ain't mad. I'm laughing the whole time I write this stuff.