Sunday, July 15, 2012


Last night, whilst trolling the wonderful Late Nite guys who seemed to think camping high sec gates was better than fighting our gang, Silence was nice enough to tell me and Almity that, by virtue of our living in Egg, we can't comment. Well, apparently, I can, because I am. Some folks seem to think I.LAW's move to Egg was some sort of retreat. Not really. It is a very short trip to Huola. In fact, I spend very little time in Egg. Most of my time is spent in fleets down by Kourm and as far away as upper Metro or Kurn/Sahtogas. I am out in fleets looking to fight minnies. I was out doing that very thing last night. Sadly, they seemed more interested in ganking haulers on the Otelen gate. So, what's my comment? Well, apparently the LNA peeps think that if you live in a system, you aren't supposed to leave it. Hence why I seldom see them further than 4 jumps from Huola. Get out more, my agoraphobic friends. It is amazing what happens when you do.

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