Sunday, July 8, 2012

The Minnies and Thier New Groove

These past few nights have been great. The Minnies have unleashed thier grand new strategy: running full speed into a brick wall repeatedly. I get online a bit late in the US TZ. Around 9-10 CST. I usually play 2-4 hours a night. I have gotten 84 kills already this month. My efficiency for July is over 99%. Why is this? Well, lemme tell you. The first reason is a little system called Arayar. It went vulnerable and the Minnies tried weakly to capture it. Our fleet kept crashing them and blapping what we could. And they kept coming, haphazardly. Eventually, they brought a rather large force, and, yet again, we bitchsmacked the hell out of them. Then, last night, in Kourm/Kamela/Kam, shit got real. We had a rolling fight on Kourm/Huola gate that left me exhausted. They just kept coming and we just kept swatting. Fweddit lost a lot of thrashers. The Minnies lost cruisers, bcs, a domi, a heretic, and others. It was glorious. So, I want to say, thank you Minnies for the delicious kills. I also wanna give a special shout out to Kevin, a neutral in a 3.4 billion isk scorp navy who generously allowed us to blap his brains out on Kourm gate in Huola. I made 120 mil off of you, and my stats for July are now way in the green. Much love.

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