Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Today's Patch

So, I log on today to the sound of lots of praise for the new patch.  Let me go ahead and add my own. 

Nicely done, CCP.  Not that any of you wonderful peeps read my shit.  But, still, thanks.  You managed not to piss off any of the people I talk to on a regular basis with a patch.  That's an accomplishment.  So, I'll cover a few highlights and then get on to making fun of something, b/c that's what I do.

Big thumbs up goes to the new fittings rollover mouse thingy.  Not b/c I needed to be able to see it when I roll my mouse over but because there's finally a place you can read the range of your missiles.  Why this didn't happen sooner is a complete mystery to me, but, it's here now, and I am pleased.  Which is what CCP cares being pleased. *rolls eyes*

Frigates got repurposed?  I'm not sure how I feel about this, actually.  I mean, on the one hand, mining frigates were pretty much pointless.  On the other hand...  now I see these Tormentors and Slashers everywhere.  WTF?  Stop it.

Apparently, some modules got love too?  The T2 armor plates are finally worth using, and as usual, the price tag has skyrocketed.  Sell orders upwards of 9 million have appeared in Jita.  The ECM t2 mods are still not significantly better than their meta 4 counterparts however, and all my ECM homies are sad pandas now.

Anyways, I guess overall I'm saying good job.  CCP managed not to make me cry. 

Now, can my Kitsune get some love?


  1. I will buy a slasher and orbit you at 500m during our next fleet op. Also CCP admitted they have no idea on what to do with EAS in the CSM minutes. No Kitsune love for you.


  2. the last time i saw a kitsune i made it die. But i love the frigate revamping. There was a gallente FW pilot by the name of prazinimrak who did some youtube vidoes almost a year ago i think detailing why t1 frigs needed love and, ta-da, it happened!