Friday, August 3, 2012

Pve Pwnage, Blog Dramas, etc

So, I missed a lot while I was away.  Nulli Secunda arrived.  30 some odd systems went vulnerable.  Amarr took Kourmonen (this made me smile while also making me sad, since I wasn't here for it). 

While it sounds like I'm beating a dead horse repeatedly in the head with a baseball bat, I am still shocked at how strangely carebearish FW has become.  There's still the crazy chestbeating.  But, now it's about PVE shit.  This just saddens me.  I had a local-trolling conversation with SilenceIkillyou earlier (I am certain I mispelled that name, but whatevs).  He made some statements (mostly lol statements, I imagine) about Huola's major selling points.  All of these were financial ones.  When did that become EVERYTHING.  I mean, honestly, when did fights become unimportant and LP become everything?  I spend 90% of my time broke as hell, and I don't mind most of it because I'm getting kills and flying around in fleets loving the hell out of it.  Carebears everywhere nowadays.  It's an infection!   Like Herpegonosyphillitis of the earlobe, but worse.

In the realm of the more hilarious, Susan wrote a blog post that was ludicrously funny (to me). 

This blog made me smile.  Seriously.  And for good reason.  It makes reference to Amarr FW being fweddit's nerd paradise.  Then further down it states fweddit has had little to no impact at all on Amarr FW.  Which is it?  Contradictions abound.  Then there's a false dichotomy where Nulli's arrival can only result in two possible outcomes (come on!  You talk about Locke and shit but don't remember basic logical fallacies?). 

There's some garbage about Minmatar being awesome or something, and some statements about Amarr having no credibility, which is HILARIOUS.  Really, I don't get why people got mad.  This is obviously a joke post, right?  RIGHT?

Anyway, so, Shalee Lianne wrote a response that highlighted some of the same silliness I just did, and so, Susan responded with a funnier response: WAAAAAHHHHH

I died a little inside.  She was being serious?  Times like this, I'm just stoked to be a troll.  Susan, darling, just calm down and laugh more.  Further, be a troll.  Wear it with pride.  Don't deny it.  I don't.

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