Saturday, August 18, 2012

Retrospection: I.LAW, FW, KotMC

I came to FW back in 2011, early in the year. My corp in null-sec was breaking away from TNT and moving elsewhere, so a lot of people began looking for something new. I had a RL friend in KotMC, so I put in an app and moved the three ships I still owned down to Amarr.

KotMC was a warm and inviting atmosphere and I gave RP a try. PvP was essential to the corp and in this way, I managed to make friends with Shalee, Almity, Eran, etc. When KotMC fell apart, I wasn't sure where I was going or what I was going to do.

Shalee and Eran extended an invitation for me to join the fledgling Imperial Outlaws as a Director. I am a bit of a narcissist, and the idea of helping shape an FW corp from the beginning appealed to me. As our starting roster began to fill up, I knew we had a great thing going. Almity, Eran, Shalee, Phione, Kato, Czech, etc. And Sab0tag3, who will probably be KoS forever. We wanted to do things differently. So we did. A year later, we're in the top 900 all time corps on battleclinic. We consistently win fights. We've gone up against TEST. And most importantly, we have fun. I am very proud of what we've become.

Flash to the present.

In the post-Inferno world of FW, a lot of people seem to have begun to fixate on the economics of it all. They fixate on LP and ISK and some mythical concept of money=1337 skills. I am one of the poorest bastards in Amarr militia, btw, so I must suck at EVE.

The latest news in FW is that Fweddit is Caldari and Moar Tears will be too. Admittedly, this puts the rest of us in a position some might call dire. I personally feel that it is only dire if you care about sov or ISK. If the goal is to have fun, well,then the situation need not be dire at all.


  1. You have my Catalyst!


  2. Sovereignty or no sovereignty (or isk) I'll still come shoot you full of holes.