Thursday, April 17, 2014

Necro Time

So, I've been away from this blog for a LOOOONNNG time.  Seriously.  It's been forever.  Any readers I have left (which is probably not many at all) will probably not really care why I've been neglecting this particular blog of mine.  Well, tough nuts, I'm gonna tell you anyway.

First, it should just be said that the metagame and all the attendant out of game stuff that fuels this sort of blog kind of dried up for me.  To be honest, post-Inferno and over a period of time, a lot of the things that are uniquely Faction Warfare stopped really being uniquely Faction Warfare.  We have our weird sov mechanic which is about as inane as the null-sec one.  We have a host of null-sec style alliances now involved.  The tight-knit community of FW players has become a sea of new faces which I haven't really gotten to know as well.  This goes for both sides.  When I first came to FW in the Amarr-Minmatar warzone, it was a vibrant community of people fighting for the sake of fighting.  Pew was commonplace because there weren't really any other mechanics available that were worth a damn.  I saw the same enemies on a regular basis and they became familiar.  While both sides got frustrated with each other from time to time, I think a lot of people also had generally favorable views of the enemy, if only because they were willing to come out and kill or be killed in pretty close to even fights, some of which got pretty large.  I'm not going to say that these fights stopped completely post-Inferno, but the fundamental nature of FW changed, and not for the better.  This sapped my desire to write about it after a while, especially since I've never attempted to present a fair or balanced or even honest portrayal of the happenings in FW.  This blog was always meant to be tongue-in-cheek.  I think you can see why I ran into writer's block.  It stopped really being funny.

Second, real life got really busy for me.  Seriously.  I'm a law student now, which takes up considerable time and energy.  Nights when I had time, I often was too tired to even consider a three hour fleet (not to mention TZ considerations which would have me up until 1 a.m. before my 8 a.m. class).  I am beginning to have a better budget of time and energy, which may free up more time in the future (or maybe not.  Law school is a crapshoot that way).  Also, I'm married, and wives have a funny habit of wanting to see their husbands from time to time.  It's another thing in the balance, as it were.

Third, I have another blog which is an RP blog.  It's a creative outlet for me and allows me to explore some topics vis-a-vis philosophy, morality, and other concepts of a literary nature.  I'm not the next fucking Faulkner (I'd prefer to be more like Chuck Pahlaniuk anyway, honestly).  I'm just saying, I like to write.  RP > FW Trolling.  True story.  As the warzone stopped being terribly engaging for me, I started logging on more for the RP (because why just be a nerd when you can be Uber-Nerd?).  So, basically, I stopped updating this blog in favor of frollicking through homicidal maniac pretend land and writing short stories about my characters, each of which tend to run the gamut from cold sociopath to manic emotional wreck on a regular basis (but in a classy way!).  Also, people die a lot.  Yeah.  My stories involve a LOT of death (I stopped counting the bodies a while back after it started being meaningless...I mean 5 digits is excessive).  Shameless plug time.  If you want to check out my fiction writings:  The Path of Strife.  The newest post is first, so you should probably go to the archive and start at the beginning, or it won't make much sense (soooo much history).

Anywho, that's pretty much it for now.  So, I dunno, go watch porn or something.

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